Bloglovin Followers and Its New Wrap

What is Bloglovin? For those who don’t know what is bloglovin, it is time for you to know it deeply. Bloglovin defined as the specific site where any readers can follow the blog about specific niche including automatic, fashions, health and other lifestyle and for getting the greatest new redesign of the first time. Till right now, its CEO named Mattias Swenson said that bloglovin is so impressive and has added new features step by step to be more sophisticated. According its concept, as more bloglovin followers you have, you will get many advantages because it can be the main media for promoting your website and of course will invite money and can be the great business due to bloglovin followers.

New Appearance of Bloglovin

In this time, this website will get the new appearance and increment in term of social media ability with the wish that Bloglovin teams will make pleasure not only for relaxed visitors but also for hardcores. Beside that, Bloglovin improved the fund of Series A from New York at the summer time long ago at that time. Swenson also emphasizes the community service of Bloglovin. For example, he said that bloglovin users follow 37 blogs, however, teams have realized through audiences that are more relaxed, that not only follow specific blogs or writers, but also seek the new contents for a topic that is interested for themshelves.

Well, to improve experiences for many users, bloglovin has re- designed the page that shows word “popular” in a topic that is given. By seeing an old page and new page, there is no drastic change, but certainly that you can still have the same opportunity to gain bloglovin followers to promote yours. This also allows to warp ore stories into the page without making everything being noisy. Every post in the page has been re- designed also to show how many bloglovin users have been bloglovin followers. Any visitors can extend these counts to be the complete user list. Well, for those who are bloggers, this can give the description better from many their content likers. Of course this will open opportunities to identify users, that in the next, they can follow to find one interesting contents. So bloglovin effort to change the user to be a wise curator.

Swenson also compares Bloglovin followers and to Tumblr. To get many Bloglovin followers on Tumblr actually is not as easy as on Bloglovin. Bloglovin followers can be got easily with simple marketing strategy and tools that available. In the other hand, when we compared Bloglovin to Tumblr, there are any users can’t produce original content but only in type of re-post of photos which are taken and had by someone else. This is like a share to be the way expressing yourself. Beside that, bloglovin will be a main platform to do that, a half because the user isn’t limit on following publics on the specific or different platform, in this term is Tumblr. In conclusion, this is true that bloglovin followers take more benefits than other platforms.