Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Divorces are tough and are hard on one’s mental health. It involves the lives of not only a married couple, but also the people and relatives around them especially if the couple has a child with them. Traditional divorce procedures consist of a lot of haste. It involves multiple court sessions, alimony issues, financial disputes and what not. All of this results in negativity in the minds of both the parties, even if the process has been initiated mutually. It puts extra toll on the already affected emotional well being of individuals.

A rescue from the tedious process of traditional court divorces is something called Collaborative Divorce. It is okay to opt for separation mutually if a couple feels that their marriage is not working out in a sorted manner. Collaborative divorces consist of an informal set up, where a trained professional looks into your problems personally and come up with the best possible solutions. It is a process where you can lead a happy and peaceful life during and after you file for divorce. The individuals will end up having mutual respect for each other which will be pleasant situation for their children to deal with.

Out of Court: Instead of going to judges who hardly know your situation and will give only a limited part of their time, it is more comfortable to approach a Collaborative Divorce professional, under whom you can customise your own demands from the relationship and come to an understanding.

Convenient: The process of separation is designed according to the availability of the clients. Unlike traditional courtroom divorces, they do not compel individuals to keep aside their important works to attend the session.

Confidentiality: Many a times, when court authorities are involved, things do not stay private. Collaborative divorces take place in an office like setting, where couples are much less intimidated by the weight of legal affairs. It gives you the space to come to good terms with your spouse and discuss the after divorce arrangements peacefully and confidentially. If a matter of child custody is involved, things can be settled by discussing with the child. This will create a comfortable situation for the child to speak up about her/his expectations.

Cost Effective: Financial matters can be resolved according to the demands of each party, and there is no compulsion to follow a certain set of rules mandatorily. Rather than hiring individual lawyers and paying hefty amounts to them, the couple can approach a single Collaborative Divorce Facilitator who will try and resolve the issue in an unbiased manner.

Collaborative divorces are the upcoming method of resolving marriage issues. Marriages can be tough to continue, but that does not mean that the individuals have to end their relationship on a bitter note. If a separation has been planned mutually, it is best to get it done in a method that will involve no hard feelings. Collaborative divorce supports your decision and paves the way to make things smooth and less hard for you.