5 Unique Uses For Your Paper Coffee Filters

When you’re a coffee connoisseur, your home is filled to the brim with all you need to filter coffee and feed your favorite habit. If you’ve opted to use paper filters, you may be surprised by these five unique paper filter purposes.

1. Soothe Swollen Eyes

If you’re struggling with allergies or got bit by a mosquito that left your eyes puffy and irritated, soaking coffee filters in chamomile tea overnight will create a soothing compress for your eyes. Let the calming commence!

2. Spread Stuff in Pans

If you’re cooking, and the recipe calls for the pan to be greased with butter or oil, a paper filter is a great spreader. It’s easy to maneuver and doesn’t leave behind any particles. Your pan is good to go without any extra additions on the bottom.

3. Protect Plates

If you have a treasured piece of dinnerware you simply can’t see get damaged, paper filters can ease your mind. By stacking filters in between your plates, you’ll provide an extra barrier from knicks and scratches. The filters are strong enough to separate the plates but light and malleable enough to not cause any damage of their own.

4. Serve as Snack Bowls

Face it – sometimes doing dishes just isn’t on your to-do list for the day, but you’ve still gotta eat. Paper filters can be the perfect make-shift bowls for snacks like popcorn, gummy bears and chips. They’re a perfect portion size and save you some time spent cleaning in the kitchen.

5. Save Time Cooking

If you’re making a recipe that calls for the removal of certain leaves and flavor enhancements before eating, a paper filter can help when you’re struggling to find what you put in. Wrap up the removable ingredients in a filter and put them in the soup or stew. The flavors will still seep out, but you’ll save time when removing.

As if you need more of a reason to drink coffee, you can can now use your paper filters to go even farther in helping out around the house.