5 Legal Careers for People Who Aren’t Lawyers

If you’ve considered a career in the legal field, you’ve likely looked into the qualifications to become a lawyer. However, if the idea of law school doesn’t strike you fancy, it can be a bit disheartening to discover how much schooling goes into becoming a lawyer. 

Fortunately, many careers in the legal field don’t require a law degree, so don’t give up hope. Here are just a few options that you can explore that don’t require a stint in law school.

Legal Document Assistant

A legal document assistant, also known as a legal document preparer, is a legal professional whose job is to locate and prepare legal documents. These professionals typically specialize in a handful of legal areas and work with lawyers or clients to gather documents necessary for a case. 


Paralegals assist lawyers in varying capacities. They generally conduct case research, draft and draw up documents, and manage lawyers’ cases. Paralegals perform many of the same functions as attorneys but can’t provide legal advice.


Mediators, also known as arbitrators or conciliators, help individuals settle disputes without setting foot in a courtroom. Mediation is an alternative to certain legal services, and in most cases, costs significantly less. In some states, people are required to go through mediation as a first attempt at resolution in civil cases.


As a stenographer or court reporter, you would record all trial proceedings and create a written transcript of all spoken words using a specialized form of shorthand writing. Stenographers may also provide broadcast captioning in real-time, as well as reporting for webcasts. 

These various support positions are what help keep the legal system running smoothly. Caseloads would back up without these integral positions, and all court proceedings would move exponentially slower. Fortunately, with the proper training, you can join the ranks of those who help ensure efficiency in the legal field.