4 Tips for a New Concealed Carry Owner

A growing number of states have adopted constitutional carry laws, which has led more people to show interest in carrying a firearm. Following these four tips can help you safely join the ranks of concealed carry owners. 

1. Know the Laws Where You Live

Gun laws can vary substantially between states, so it is critical that you know the rules where you live and work, as well as any that apply where you plan to carry your firearm. If you are planning any trips across state lines with a concealed firearm, you’ll also need to explore reciprocity arrangements

2. Invest in a Good Safe

Handguns — or any firearms, for that matter — should never be stored in an unsecured manner. Ideally, they will be placed in a locked, fireproof and tamper-resistant safe. A locking security cabinet is also acceptable, although it doesn’t offer the same level of protection for your firearm. Doing your homework about the right type and size of safe for your needs before you start shopping for handguns for sale NC will help keep guns out of untrained hands. 

3. Practice With Your Own Firearm

Speaking of training, it is critical to successfully carrying a firearm. You should be proficient in the handling, operation and workings of your specific gun before you even consider concealed carry situations. Get a membership to a local range and make regular practice a part of your routine.

4. Always Carry Safely

It is often awkward and uncomfortable to carry a concealed firearm. Holsters, no matter how well designed, are not a one-size-fits-all item. You’ll feel the weight of your weapon at your side, on your ankle or in your bag, especially as you first get started. Don’t let the awkwardness discourage you, though. Always use appropriate and safe carry methods like using a holster or concealed carry clothing. They will ensure your safety and that of the people around you. 

Using a holster, training with your firearm and following appropriate gun laws will give you a firm foundation for your concealed carry plans.