4 Steps to Take If You Are Injured at Work

Work injuries are some of the most common injuries a person can face on a daily basis. Some people might think only construction workers are susceptible to work injuries, but anyone can suffer an injury at work. A retail worker could fall off a ladder or strain their back lifting a heavy box. A factory worker could sustain an injury due to a machine. The amount of work-related injuries are endless. So what should you do if you’re injured at work? Here are some tips for dealing with work-related injuries.

File an Accident Report

Filing an accident report should be your first step after the accident- unless your accident requires immediate medical attention. Having this report is helpful for both the employee and the employer for the purposes of workers’ compensation or a possible lawsuit should any issues arise. Even if your accident doesn’t result in an injury, it’s still important to file a claim. Your report could help the company review their safety policies or the way a certain procedure is done to help prevent other workers from having the same accident.

Gather Evidence

If you have an accident at work due to the negligence of your employer, you will need sufficient evidence to prove that. If you were injured due to a faulty piece of equipment, ask for any reports where this piece of faulty equipment was mentioned. If you are injured due to lack of safety equipment or the following of safety regulations, get witness statements, photo and video evidence, and whatever else might be helpful to prove there was negligence on the part of your employer.

Consult a Doctor

Consulting a doctor is the best way to figure out the extent of your injuries. In some cases, an employer might even try to suggest that you were already injured from another accident and that you’re claiming it happened at work so you can receive workers’ compensation. Consulting with a respected and trusted doctor and getting their report on when and how your injury was caused will be helpful in those cases. They can prove that your injury is new and was, in fact, sustained on the work accident you had.

Do Everything ASAP

Every company and every state have different time limits for when reports can be filed. So if you were injured at work, be sure to file the accident report as soon as you possibly can. Also, gather all your evidence as quickly as possible, especially surveillance footage of your accident because most companies only keep surveillance footage for a short period of time. By gathering all your evidence, consulting your doctor, and everything else you need to do quickly, you can be sure you won’t miss your deadline.

If you have been the victim of a work accident due to employer negligence and you are in need of a Miami work accident lawyer, be sure to find one that has the experience, time, and resources to help with your case.