4 Features that Help an Attorney’s Website Stand Out

Every business, whether it is a law firm, corporation, accountancy firm, auto dealership, retailer etc. need to have a presence on the web these days if they don’t wish to be irrelevant. In this web-connected world, people have come to depend on the internet for everything. From finding their plumbers to hiring an attorney, they first do a search on the internet. This means that those who fail to have a website are going to lose out on a lot of potential clients and they will probably end up with competitors. Most attorneys have come to realize this and have made their websites.
Yet, they still fail to get the desired results. Why? This is because they do create a website, but they use a common design template and don’t make the effort of making it different from the thousands others on the web. Bear in mind that a standard or poorly designed website will only confuse and frustrate. If you truly want to attract customers and get engagement and conversions, your website has to have some unique features. Read on to know the 4 features that an attorney’s website should have to stand out in the crowd:

Number 1: Responsive Design

With technological advancement, more and more people are using smartphones and tablets for accessing websites. For some of them, almost 50% of the traffic comes from mobile users. This makes it necessary to have a responsive design on attorneys’ websites, which enables them to provide a tailored experience across all devices of varying screen resolutions. There is no need for mobile users to engage in any panning and pinching as the website automatically adjusts to their screen.

Number 2: Social Media Profiles

Social media has also gotten pretty big nowadays. People have come to rely on it and your website needs to have links to your social media profiles where potential clients can have a look at what you and others have to say about your services. Your presence on social media can also help customers in trusting you as it gives them a way to know more about you and what you have accomplished. Hence, your website should have the appropriate social media tags.

Number 3: Client Testimonials

Attorneys are privy to some of the most private details of their clients’ lives. This explains why people do thorough research before coming to an attorney. They will not pick a lawyer out of a hat; they will find out everything they can. One way you can provide assurances to potential clients is by ensuring that your former or existing clients have posted testimonials on your website. Visitors tend to rely on the word of others than on yours and this can help in conversion.

Number 4: Contact Information

It is essential for lawyers to give users several ways to get in touch with them. Your contact information should be clear and easily available on the website. While the immediacy of need to contact can vary in situations, it is important to provide options because this will also indicate your availability and reliability.