3 Times In Your Life When You’ll Need a Notary Public

Notarizing documents is a formality that is often forgotten about until it’s necessary. It’s easy to dismiss a notary public as just another formal signature on a piece of paper, but notarizing documents is the most recognized way of certifying that they are valid and legal. 
The following are several instances in your life when you will need to use such services as Commissioned Notaries Pittsburgh PA. Knowing when you might need to call a notary public helps you plan for your future. This is especially true if you know how to notarize your essential documents in a convenient manner.

Incorporating a Business

Choosing to run a small business or a sole proprietorship is not enough financial freedom for everyone. If you ever want to incorporate your company, you will need to notarize your articles of incorporation. Since your articles of incorporation will need to be filed with your secretary of state, ensuring that the paperwork is entirely valid and certified is a step you can’t afford to skip.

Buying a House

When you’re ready to leave apartment living behind and buy a home of your own, you will likely need to work with a notary public. All of the documents relevant to your mortgage loan will have to be verified and validated. When you sign and accept your closing documents upon buying your home, a notary public will be present to sign as well. The same will be true when you choose to sell your home or transfer your deed to someone else.

Getting a Passport

Obtaining a new passport isn’t just a matter of smiling for the camera when your picture is taken. You need to submit documents verifying your identity, all of which must be notarized. The good news is, you only have to notarize your passport documentation once. When your passport is up for renewal, no notary witness is necessary.

Whether you notice it or not, notaries public are often present at your life’s milestones. Whether you want to buy a house, expand your business, or travel, you need a formal witness who can document and verify your intentions. Commissioned Notaries Pittsburgh PA