3 Infamous Bank Robbers Who Got Caught

Bank robberies have a certain nostalgia about them, thanks to the glamorizing of Bonnie and Clyde, but they are still the heist of choice for many criminals today. More intense firearm power has changed the game, of course – both on the side of the wicked and the side of the righteous, including police forces and every day civilians toting a choice scope and mount package – but there is still something familiar and gutsy that you just can’t help but want to read about. Here are three of the most infamous bank robbers who ended up getting nabbed.

1. Patty Hearst. The Patty Hearst story is full of twists and turns. She was kidnapped by a terrorist organization in the 1970s and then later spotted – on camera – helping her kidnappers rob a bank in San Francisco. She was caught and ordered to serve 35 years in prison – but had her sentence lowered to only seven. This was followed by a full pardon by President Clinton in 2001 – the reason given being the psychological affliction known as Stockholm syndrome. Not even the craziest screenwriter could dream this stuff up!

2. “Red” Roundtree. On the surface there is little to distinguish the man known as Red Roundtree from so many other petty criminals and bank robbers…until you learn that he was 86 years old when he began committing robberies. And this non-violent criminal wasn’t just caught – he was caught every single time. Apparently, he was just doing it for the rush.

3. Bonnie Parker. Working in-tandem with her lover Clyde Barrow, the notorious “bad girl” Bonnie Parker was part of a ring that robbed banks and murdered dozens. She and Clyde were “caught” – in the sense that they were finally stopped in 1934, after being gunned down by police.
While there can be little love lost for the bandits who inspire fear in their fellow citizens, their stories have always been – and probably will always be – fascinating to hear about.