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Steps to Take When Charged With a Criminal Offence

Being charged with a criminal offence can upset the balance of a person’s life. Whether that person is guilty or innocent, he or she will face negative repercussions. A person who receives a guilty conviction may have to spend time in jail along with paying high fines and going through a probationary period. In addition to the aforementioned hassles, a guilty person may have a difficult time obtaining a job for many years. Prospective employers often perform criminal background checks before they make a decision about hiring a person. Even if the courts find the person guilty, he or she may still have to deal with negative comments from the public. The following contains some advice for recipients of criminal citations:

Never Admit Guilt

Every person who receives a citation has the right to remain silent. A defendant should never give an arresting officer any information that could land him or her in legal trouble. Even if the person is guilty, he or she should remain silent until a legal representative can assist with the case. The police will use every word a defendant utters in the courtroom.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

A defendant should contact a criminal lawyers Sydney office upon receipt of a citation. The faster the person calls a lawyer, the sooner the lawyer can start working to defend his or her client. Sydney attorneys can protect residents in cases that involve drug charges, assault, theft, battery, domestic violence, fraud, firearms offences, prostitution, sexual assault and more. An accused party can schedule an immediate consultation with a reliable firm. Prime Lawyers is an example of a firm that protects residents of the Sydney area. Lawyers can assist an accused party by using a number of effective strategies and negotiation tactics.

Obtain the Support of Family Members and Friends

A criminal charge is a frightening experience. A person who receives a citation should look to his or her family members and friends for moral support, guidance and possible financial support. Being in the middle of a criminal case can cause undesirable feelings such as depression and anxiety. Supportive members can offer a defendant a shoulder to cry on and an ear for his or her woes. Close family members can also help with bail monies, lawyer’s fees and extra funding to get the person through a rough period. With the help of family members and law officials, a defendant can return to a normal life beyond the criminal charge.

A degree in criminal justice

A degree in criminal justice can help you make a difference in your own life as well as the lives of those around you. Whether you decide to become a police officer, work in a prison or work for a government agency, you can shape policy, help steer others from a life of crime and make your community a better place to live.

Work With Young People in Your Community

As a police officer, you can work with the young people in your community to teach them why it is important to stay in school and get good grades. When you are able to reach kids when they are young, they are more likely to grow up trusting police officers and feel safe when talking to them. You never know when a tip from a community member could be the break needed to solve a case or prevent a crime. When a child has a relationship with law enforcement, it is more likely that the child will want to avoid doing anything to harm it like committing a crime.

Even Prisoners Can Change Their Ways

While it may not be a good policy to become friends with those in jail, a corrections officer may be a good influence on some prisoners. If only a small percentage of them see the error in their ways and change their lives, it could significantly reduce the amount of crime in the country. It may also lead to these former criminals reaching out and wanting to help others before they get too far along a dangerous path.

Stop Crime Before It Happens

Working with the government, you can help make sure that terrorists don’t have the time or opportunity to strike on United States soil. You may also be able to work on immigration policy or other issues regarding who gets to enter the country and why they may enter. Over time, you may be able to work your way into high-profile positions within the government such as heading a department or working with leaders overseas.

Getting your degree from a top school of criminal justice can help you succeed in many ways. You can work in your community, help your community through a government job or help to reform those who have committed crimes in the past. Regardless of how you do it, you will be making a difference that others will notice.