15 States Have Asked US Supreme Court To Keep A Ban On Same-Sex Marriage

The issue of same-sex marriage has been becoming more and more controversial with time. Even the states that had once allowed same-sex marriages are urging the US Supreme Court to bring a ban on them. Just recently 15 states have shown their strong inclination to stop same-sex marriages by urging the US Supreme Court to keep a ban on sex-marriages in those states.

The leading state is Louisiana seeking for ban on same-sex marriages. The brief from the states contains that it should be in the hands of the voters to choose whether they want same-sex marriages or not.

The states that have surprisingly joined this brief include names such as Utah, Montana, Kansas, West Virginia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Alaska and Idaho. Why the appearance of these states in the brief is surprising is because these are the states where court strictly struck down the banning of same-sex marriages here.

The other group of states included in the brief is that does not have same-sex marriages allowed or legalized in it. These names include North Dakota, Nebraska, Georgia, Texas, South Dakota, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Michael P. Ehline, a Los Angeles attorney confirms that it was in the month of January when court had shown its agreement in ruling on this matter. The states will now present their arguments on the matter and this will take place on April 28.

The issue of same-sex marriage has been quite controversial throughout the country in the past few years. Even though there are 37 states in the country that have already given same-sex marriage a legal status and the list even includes the District of Columbia, there is still a lot of controversy on the subject.

Puerto Rico had been defending the ban on same-sex marriages for quite some time. However, just last month it was declares that it won’t be defending the ban anymore.

Nebraska was about to allow the same sex marriage in the month of March but things got a bit complicated right at the end. The US District Court for the District of Nebraska put a stay on the ruling that was going to allow the same-sex marriages.

Two trial court decisions in Texas held that the changes made to the constitution of the state pertaining to same sex marriages were in violation with due process and equal protection. However, just recently the Supreme Court of the state gave way to an emergency stay on this ruling.

Michigan’s governor had recently shown his inclination of not banning same-sex marriages in the state. A decision was passed by US District Court for the District of Michigan asking the state to recognize the same-sex marriages in the state. The governor stated clearly that he will not stand against the decision and ban any same-sex marriages in the state.

Same-sex marriages have been legalized recently in the state of Florida. It was in the month of January when same-sex marriages were declared legal in the state and Miami Dade stood as the first county to legalize the same-sex marriages.