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Top 5 Things You Should Know About the New Car Lemon Law 

A car is something very useful, whether you need it for work, travel, taking children to school or anything like that. Therefore, it’s a good investment, despite the costs.

Nevertheless, in certain situations, you spend lots of money on a car, only to find out it’s defective. These cars are considered “lemons”, and cars qualify for the lemon law if they defect during the first year or first 15,000 miles of use. So what is there to know about the new car lemon law if you’re stuck with a malfunctioning car?

1.You May Get a Refund

If your car is damaged, you may be eligible to receive a refund, which will be the actual full contract price of the vehicle. Not to mention, you can keep it until you see the money, and you’ll also get money for allowances and credits for trade-in vehicles.

Keep in mind there may be a reimbursement depending on how much you drove the car while you were its owner.

2.Check if Your Vehicle is Covered

The manufacturer is going to choose a dealer who will try to fix the problems affecting the safety, functioning, and value of the car. However, not all vehicles are covered within the law. The car falls under the lemon law as long as it has a serious safety problem that doesn’t get fixed after one attempt. Concurrently, if it has 3 failed repair attempts for a non-serious defect, it falls under the law too. The same goes if the car was in the shop for at least 30 days during the year for fixing its defects, it will be considered a lemon.

3.You May Get a Replacement

As long as your car is qualified as a lemon by your state, then you have the possibility to get a replacement for it. This might ensure you get a functional car this time, but inform the manufacturer about the problem first.

4.States May Have Different Laws

New cars are the ones that benefit from this service in all states if they defect after a certain period or mileage. But some states are different and have laws that cover used cars too, so check them if you’re in this predicament.

5.A Lemon Law Attorney Can Help You Out

You have the possibility to talk to a lemon law attorney. This can help you get more specific information for your circumstance, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to call one. A lawyer can also help you if the manufacturer refuses to abide the law and replace/refund your car.

It’s not pleasant to have your car break after just purchasing it. As such, be aware of your rights. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy and don’t forget to consult with an attorney if you need more information.


Damages: How Much is a Personal Injury Case Worth? 

There is one thing for a person who’s been a victim of someone else’s negligence looks forward to during a personal injury case: the compensation. Personal injury cases occur as a consequence of a slip and fall accident, motorcycle, bicycle or car accident.

“How much is my personal injury case?” you might be wondering, considering what you went through and what you’ll have to experience as a result. It’s hard to say, but if you consult with experienced law firms such as Petersen, Parkinson & Arnold, you have great chances to find out and build a strong case.

To give you an idea of what is involved in the decision regarding the amount of compensation, we’ve prepared this article, so keep reading.

Will I Still Get Compensation If I Had a Part in the Accident?

Although personal injury cases are being filed when someone else is the main reason for your harm, sometimes you may have had a small part to play in the incident. You’re still eligible to receive money, although expect the amount to be reduced.

Why do insurance companies record your statements? They want to prove that you played a part in the accident, so they don’t have to disburse so much money.

Keep in mind that the compensation may decrease if you have some blame.

What Determines the Amount of Compensation?

There are certain aspects that will increase the sum. With that said, it’s tough to estimate the amount you’re likely to get, because it will be calculated by people who are settling the case. What may increase the money sum are:

  • Loss of Enjoyment

Did the injuries affect your ability to enjoy things you used to do on a regular basis, such as hobbies, exercise and so on? That is characterized as loss of enjoyment, and you may receive compensation for it.

  • Medical Treatment

You must receive medical care depending on how bad you’ve been harmed during the incident, and you shouldn’t be the one dealing with the costs. As such, you’ll receive money for past and future medical treatment.

  • Emotional Distress

It’s not unusual to go through a period of depression or experience insomnia after the incident, but luckily you have chances to get money to make up for it.

  • Income

In the event your accident has affected your salary or other sources of income, don’t worry – you’ll get money for what you’ve lost and what you should make in the future.

  • Loss of Property

You may risk losing your belongings, such as your clothing, car or other items after accidents, but money for reparations or replacement will be given.

To conclude, every personal injury case is unique, and the settlement depends on whether you had any involvement in the accident, as well as how severe the outcome was. Consult with some experienced attorneys if you have more questions about the matter.


Reasons to hire an estate planning attorney

Estate planning is usually seen as a field in which a single missing/misplaced signature or a wrong word can change the entire outcome and intent of a trust or will. In short, it is a serious business that doesn’t tolerate any mistakes!

On the other hand, statistics also show that roughly 50% of Americans do not have any basic estate planning documents and do not understand the advantages that come with a will or with an estate planning lawyer.

Even though you think you may be able to handle it all by yourself, without having to pay any lawyers, you’ll soon find that you are almost required to have one by your side when engaging in estate planning. One of the most important reasons to have such a lawyer with you is the fact that your family won’t have to deal with any issues you may create.

Let’s see exactly why you should hire an estate planning attorney!


State Laws rule Estate Planning

Naturally, given the fact that the laws of your state rule the estate planning process, as well as everything related to it, you will definitely want to have an attorney that knows all of those laws at your side.

The state laws mention everything about the aspects of state planning; namely, who can and cannot be in a will or trust, who can or cannot serve as a personal representative and so on.

For example, there are states in which your personal representative must be related to you by blood or marriage and a resident of that state as well. In short, if you appoint an attorney or a friend from out of state as your personal representative, they won’t be able to serve their purpose, leaving your family with a costly mistake that they will have to fix.


Proper Documentation

When filing your estate planning documents, you should consider whether they are valid or not. If you don’t have an attorney and have made the documents yourself, or downloaded them from the internet, then you may be in for a nasty surprise.

You should avoid preparing your estate planning on your own, especially if you have little to no idea as to what they mean. If your documents are deemed invalid, then your family will most likely have to spend thousands of dollars in order to fix your mistake and will have to use an estate planning attorney.  You might as well just start by hiring one and avoid any kind of problem to begin with.


They Help you make Choices and Deal with Situations

Obviously, an estate planning attorney will be there to answer all of your questions and help you deal with any of your complex financial or family situations, as well as help you make choices regarding your assets, healthcare, finances and so on.

Here are some of the situations you may currently be in which should make you hire an estate planning attorney as soon as possible:


  • You are the owner of one or more businesses
  • You own real estate in more than just one state
  • You recently divorced or are in a second or later marriage
  • You don’t have any children
  • You want to leave some of your estate to charity
  • You have questions related to your choices regarding your assets
  • You wish to prepare finances and healthcare for an emergency
  • You want to avoid probate
  • You wish to protect your children.


The Bottom Line

In short, an estate planning attorney is essential when you consider engaging in estate planning.

As mentioned before, this is not something that you should be doing on your own, mainly due to the various laws which vary by state and also because of certain situations that may have to be solved in a different, particular way that you are not aware of.

It is safe to say that your estate planning lawyer will provide you with all of the information you need and help you avoid making any mistakes that could later affect your family.

Asbestos Compensation Claim – How Much Can You Get? 

Are you the victim of asbestos exposure, and now your mental health is a mess? If that’s the case, you should file an injury claim and look for lung cancer attorneys. Mesothelioma is no laughing matter, and if you think someone else is responsible for it, then you should receive compensation.

But even so, how much can you receive after such a case is settled? You will find everything out in this post.

What Do You Receive Compensation For?

When you become a victim of asbestos exposure and end up with a bad medical situation, then having to be the one paying for the treatment isn’t inspiring. After all, someone else caused this, so they should be held responsible.

Luckily, most cases offer compensation for medical expenses. So if your attorney builds a strong case in your favor, then you’re set. But aside from medical costs, you can also receive compensation for things such as:

  • Emotional distress
  • Suffering and pain
  • Loss of property
  • Loss of income
  • Travel expenses
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses

How Much Are You Going to Get?

When it comes to how much you can get, it all comes down to the things you’re experiencing. An injury attorney is the one who can make an estimation and give you an idea but generally, this is settled during the case.

Furthermore, the total amount is also depends on the severity of your illness. If you didn’t know, there are multiple kinds of Mesothelioma, some more severe than others. Here are the types and what to expect:

1.Minor Asbestos-related Disease

This is the least dangerous type of the malady, where less than 10% of your lung tissue is affected, and you have asbestosis and pleural thickening.

2.Moderate Asbestos-related Disease

This is when symptoms get tougher to manage. People suffering from this type of the disease are also having asbestosis and pleural thickening, while experiencing breathing problems.

3.Severe Asbestos-related Disease

This sort can severely impact the quality of your life. It is basically terminal lung cancer.

4.Very Severe Asbestos-related Disease

It’s not only your lungs that are affected, but your heart as well. You also experience long-term severe pain.

As expected, the more severe the disease, the bigger the amount of money you’re likely to receive.

Final Thoughts

Compensation varies, depending on the severity of mesothelioma and how it’s affecting your life. We suggest consulting with an attorney for better insight.


How Much Can You Get For Your Personal Injury Case? 

Are you planning to file a personal injury case? Then you probably want to know how much can you get from it. Life is full of surprises, and you can never predict when someone else may cause an accident. Even if you’re following the rules and being careful, other people may not, ending in a misfortune.

You must receive compensation, but how much and what exactly is covered? Read on and you’ll find out.

Distribution of Compensation

When you’re going through a personal injury case, there is a settlement according to which money has to be offered to you, depending on the type of inflicted damage. If you end up losing your life as a result of the accident, then your family/survivors will be the ones receiving the money.

The sum to be given is going to be settled during the case after the parties agree on the amount. The money will be offered by the one responsible for the damage, whether it’s a person or an organization.

How Much Will You Get?

How much you receive as the injured party is unclear to say because it all depends on the damages you’ve suffered.Whether you’ve been injured or lost items, as a result, most damages are considered compensatory, thus meaning you have to receive money no matter what happened.

Nevertheless, setting a price is not easy, because not all things are simple to monetize. When something is lost, including items and especially someone else’s life, you can’t really put a monetary value on it. But as an insight, here are some things you might receive compensation for:


Of course, during an accident, you’re very likely to suffer from injuries, whether they’re simple scratches or more severe issues that end up in long time suffering. This is one of the things you can receive money for, although it may not be so easy to set a value on.


You must be treated if you’ve been injured as a result of an accident, but why would you spend all of your savings when it was someone else’s fault? Most of the time, you will receive compensation for the medical care, and/or what you’ve already received prior to the case.

Emotional Suffering

Physical wounds and pains are possible during an accident, but you’re also very likely to suffer emotional distress. It’s not easy recovering from an accident, and that will be obvious when you experience anxiety, depression, etc.

Loss of Property

Did you lose your car or other belongings in the accident? Then you can rest assured you’ll receive compensation for it. It doesn’t matter if the object just needs reparations or is totally ruined – you’ll get reimbursed for it.

Loss of Income

If your earnings have suffered as a result of the accident, then you will receive compensation. The same thing applies if the accident made it impossible for you to earn an income in the future, meaning you’ve lost your ability to work for the money.

Monetizing your damages can be difficult unless you talk to someone who knows how it works. Therefore, talk to personal injury lawyers to estimate the amount and know what you’ll receive compensation for.