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Professional You Will Need On Your Business Team

When you start your own business, you have to admit that you cannot do everything on your own. You will need a team of experts you can call on when needed to help handle the more important parts of your business and make sure that you are properly represented. The good thing is that you do not need to hire these professionals full-time. You can just contract their services when needed.


You will need a corporate attorney and an intellectual property attorney to protect your company’s products and ideas. Many corporate attorneys are also able to work on intellectual property, which can save you time and money. You should never hire a general purpose family attorney to help protect your business. You should always have a corporate legal expert look after your business dealings.


You should look into hiring a corporate accountant who can set you up with software you can use to send information through the Internet that the accountant can use to keep your books. In reality, you would only need to actually meet with your accountant a few times a year. The idea of being able to transmit documents over the Internet speeds up the tax filing process and helps your accountant to keep your books in order.


You do not need to hire a marketing staff to get professional marketing results. You should outsource your accounting needs to a professional digital marketing organization that can help you to grow your brand and expand your business. The best part about working with a marketing company is that you can choose any company in the world and do all of your work over the Internet.


Some business owners like to have a separate accountant and payroll company, which is perfectly acceptable. As with marketing companies, you can work with a payroll company located anywhere in the world because everything is usually done online. Before you take on a payroll company, you should discuss your payroll needs with your accountant to try and keep all of your financial records centralized.

Even the smallest business needs to have a team of business professionals working for it. The good thing is that you can reach out to business professionals on an as-needed basis to prevent having to hire anyone extra. With the right professionals in place, your business is going to have everything it needs to grow.

Top 6 Types of Personal Injuries

No one expects to be suddenly injured, and yet when it happens life can seem to end in a minute. A simple tumble at work can lead to ongoing chronic pain. Sports injuries can lead to necessary emergency room visits and rack up serious medical bills. And an auto accident can cause severe mental trauma and result in concussions or other traumatic brain injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30.6 million annual emergency room visitations are due solely to unintentional injuries. Over 700,000 personal injury claims are filed annually in the US alone. But what are the main types you need to be aware of and what can you do if you’re seriously injured?

Product Liability and Negligence

Store products are essential to Americans, but they can become unstable or just plain dangerous. While injuries amount to only thousands per year, a lawsuit or settlement can amount to huge financial gains for the claimant. These are always serious issues as some product liability and negligence can lead to fatalities. And if something happens to the consumer, claims can be made against anyone involved in the process, including the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer.

Public Liability (Slips and Falls)

Businesses, residences, government agencies, and other public areas have personal and legal responsibilities to keep the property clean, safe, and hazard-free. Of course, weather, time or physical restraints, and negligence can make that a challenge. According to the National Safety Council, over 7 million claims are made due to slips and falls alone. And based on 2017 statistics, falls are the main preventable cause of fatalities for Americans 65 and older.

Workplace or Work-Related Injuries

Anything can happen in the workplace, and sometimes the results can be serious. Office or sedentary jobs may not present much of a scare, but construction, factories, and landscaping sites offer and provide a plethora of potential personal injuries. Your employer is responsible for providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment. If that’s not met and injuries occur due to company negligence, a doctor should be seen and a workman’s compensation should be filed if necessary.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors and medical practitioners are usually competent enough to avoid unnecessary complications. But around 85,000 claims are still filed annually due to medical malpractice. Negligence and personal harm must be proven prior to filing the claim. And medical experts almost always need to testify in your behalf. Your Michigan personal injury attorney can take care of the details, so you can begin to heal.

Dog Bites

With 78 million dogs owned across America, it’s no wonder 850,000 dog bite victims receive medical attention for injuries. Laws vary between states, but in most cases, the animal owners are responsible for any damages. Strict liability rules and even aggressive labeling are legally enforced when animal negligence and personal injury are combined.

Automobile Accidents

Approximately 6 million car crashes occur annually across the nation, and they’re responsible for most of the serious personal injury claims nationwide. Many factors can be involved including weather, road negligence, and distracted or impaired drivers. If you’re not at fault for an auto accident, compensation may be awarded to you. But even if you feel OK, you’ll need a doctor to verify that’s truly the case. A simple call to the right Michigan personal injury attorney can help get you the compensation needed so your life doesn’t fall apart while you’re healing.

5 Tips for Choosing and Hiring a Lawyer

Whether you’re facing a legal battle or creating one of your own, you’ll need a lawyer to help you navigate the world of lawsuits, settlements and courtrooms. The first step is finding the right person for the job. If you seek a legal professional, here are just a few tips for choosing the best.

1. Find a Specialist Most lawyers have a background in a specific type of law. For example, they might be a personal injury lawyer who deals with things like dog bites and car accidents, or they might be a finance lawyer who can assist you during tax season. You should find someone with the right kind of expertise to tackle your case. Avoid “jack of all trades” lawyers who dabble in many different practice areas without specializing in any of them.

2. Ask for Recommendations and Referrals Don’t choose a lawyer by flipping through the Yellow Pages. Your best bet will be someone who comes recommended by a trusted friend, relative, neighbor or community leader. They’re the person who will be able to tell you if the lawyer actually responds to emails and follows through with promises.

3. Stay Local They might be a hotshot lawyer, but if they live more than an hour away from you, they’re probably not worth the effort. Long commutes will make it difficult for you and your lawyer to schedule face-to-face meetings, and it isn’t always comfortable or practical to discuss sensitive legal matters by email or over the phone. Look for someone in the area or someone who at least has a local office.

4. Find Them Online Every lawyer worth their salt will have a website or social media presence, and these things can tell you a lot about the lawyer’s attitude, personality and skill set. Do their values match your own? Do they seem like someone you can work with over the next few months? Does their “about me” page include details of their education and background?

5. Schedule A Consultation A consultation is basically a “getting to know you” meeting where neither party has signed anything yet. You haven’t committed to their services, and you’re under no obligation to do so. If you get to their firm and discover that they’re a rude, unprofessional jerk with a dirty waiting room, there’s nothing stopping you from simply walking out and finding yourself another lawyer. This is the power of a consultation. These are just a few things to keep in mind as you seek legal counsel. For additional information, contact an organization like Juristes Power Law. They’ll be able to answer your questions and help you take the first steps towards finding legal representation.

Assuming Responsibility for Rebuilding Your Life

Overcoming a criminal past can be a challenge for anyone. Even so, the process can be a lot easier if you assume responsibility for it right away and do what is expected of you once you are released from jail.

It can be tempting to hang back and allow your criminal record to haunt you for the rest of your life. However, when you want to enjoy the rest of your life with a free and clear conscience, you may find it better to ask the judicial system to pardon you. You can take charge of this process and show that you are ready to change by utilizing the legal resources found in your lawyer’s office, the local courthouse, and websites for organizations like Pardon Applications today.

Following the Step-by-step Process

The process to being granted a pardon must be followed in a clear and concise manner. You cannot skip over a step if you want your application to be successful.

You can make sure you do not forget a step by using the tabs found on the website. The tab for Client Services, for instance, tells you how to get your fingerprints taken on either side of the border. The fingerprints are necessary to cross reference with your application and also to ensure that you are not currently engaged in criminal activities. The website tells you what places will do your prints for you and how to submit them with your paperwork.

You also will be expected to make payments for the services that you are using during your application process. The services do not come free but instead are offered for a nominal fee. You can use the same tab to make payments as you go through the process. The payment will then give you access to the service for that particular step of the application.

Learning More about Pardons

You might wonder why you should pursue a pardon in the first place. What difference could it make in your life and why is it worth applying for online?

The website explains what a pardon is and why it can make a key difference in your life. You may realize that you have a better chance of living a more peaceful and productive life without a criminal record casting a shadow over your future.

This information and other services are available to people who want to escape their criminal backgrounds. You do not want errors from years gone by to continue haunting you. You can get the services you need and submit an application successfully by using the tabs on the website. You can also make payments for these services discreetly on the web page.

Why Pick a Juvenile Defense Lawyer

When a juvenile faces criminal charges, it is no laughing matter for those involved. If you click here, you will see brief descriptions of the problems that can follow your child after an arrest. Because a juvenile arrest can affect the whole family, it is important to seek legal help.

Some Things to Look For in a Law Firm

One of the important considerations is choosing a lawyer who understands the gravity of the situation and how to help you through it. Getting charges dismissed is always a desirable outcome, but even a sentence reduction can make a world of difference. Choosing the right lawyer is essential not just for overall knowledge, but for knowing how to explain the options available.

Experience in the courtroom is essential, with many effective criminal defense lawyers having a public defense background. In addition to a background in public defense, many lawyers who take criminal cases have worked as prosecutors. Having this type of background that allows a lawyer to see all sides of a case makes it easier to determine what consequences your child is facing.

Common Juvenile Offenses

Even though most criminal defense attorneys have handled a variety of cases, many parents are concerned about they have handled such cases in a juvenile setting. The good news is that lawyers who handle juvenile cases on a regular basis deal with both common and uncommon crimes.

Many children struggle with behavioral issues at school which can lead to a criminal history further down the road. Vandalism and shoplifting are also common juvenile offenses. Handling these cases the right way at the start can help minimize the consequences, making it easier for your child to get a job later on.

Assault and battery, sexual crimes and drug-related crimes can have some of the most serious consequences. The consequences of these crimes can include student financial aid ineligibility, barriers to employment, and barriers to housing in some cases. In cases where a juvenile is facing such charges, the right lawyer can make all the difference in regaining quality of life.

Getting a Good Lawyer

There are many situations in your life that might cause you to hire a lawyer to represent you in a court of law. Going to court is never a fun experience. However, sometimes it needs to be done. You might have been accused of a crime. You might need to sue someone. Perhaps you are being sued by someone else. There is also a chance that you are trying to win custody of your children. If this is the case, you will need to hire skilled child custody lawyers St Louis MO. Here are some methods that anyone can use to secure the services of a qualified legal representative.

1. Find some people who have gone through a legal situation that is similar to your own.

You should get some references for lawyers from people you trust completely. Ideally, these people should have similar court cases to your own. This is because there are many different areas of the law. You need to get recommendations for lawyers who specialize in the area of the law that you require. Talk to work colleagues, friends, neighbors and people in your family. Ask these people if they are happy with the quality of the legal representation they received. If so, take down the name of the lawyer who represented them.

2. Find out which lawyers in your area have received the best ratings from the Better Business Bureau.

You can trust the ratings given to lawyers by the BBB. They use a very comprehensive set of criteria in order to formulate their ratings. Therefore, you can be certain that the lawyers who receive the best ratings are among the most skilled in their area of the law. These are the legal professionals you should consider hiring to represent you in your case.

3. Contact several lawyers to schedule a meeting at their office.

You will need to discuss your case with a few lawyers to find out how each of them will handle it. They will tell you if they believe your case is worth pursuing. Some lawyers you meet with may not think it is winnable. The lawyers who do think you have a chance of winning will lay out their strategy for you. You can then discuss how much they will charge and how to arrange payment. Hire the lawyer who gives you the greatest confidence you will win.

When is the Right Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Have you recently been arrested? If you know for sure that you are about to be charged with a crime, now is the time to call a criminal defense lawyer. This is your right as a citizen and no one can take it from you. It’s up to you to get ready to face criminal charges in a court of law. You would be well advised to seek solid professional help so that you can get the charges dismissed or at least reduced so that you will be able to avoid jail time. The sooner you take this crucial step, the sooner you can begin to prepare your defense against the charges.

What Kind of Lawyer Should You Hire to Represent Your Case?

As soon as you are able to, you should immediately hire a lawyer firm in Surrey to represent you. This is the very first thing you should once you know you are in trouble with the law. Doing so will put your case on a legal footing and get you started immediately on defending yourself. Your lawyer will instruct you on how to act, what to say, what not to say, and other important details that will help you. This is an important measure that you need to take as soon as possible if you want to have the best possible chance of beating your charges or getting them reduced.

Don’t Say Anything to Anyone Until You Hire a Lawyer

The most important thing you can do after you get arrested is to clam up. Don’t say anything, don’t sign anything until you have hired a lawyer. It’s important not to say or do anything that may later be used against you. The police personnel who arrested you are trained to have long memories when it comes to recalling everything you say and do during your time in custody. They will be sure to remember even tiny little details that may escape you due to the stress you are experiencing. Your best bet is to say nothing and simply comply with their orders.

Your Lawyer Will Help You Gather Evidence to Prove Your Innocence

Your criminal defense lawyer will help you to gather up all of the evidence that you will need in order to prove that you are innocent. This includes eyewitness testimony, statements from police and other personnel who were on the scene, medical documents, or any other type of evidence that may be required. The sooner you hand over what documents you have to a criminal defense lawyer, the sooner they can get started on collecting whatever else they need to help make your case. This is a very important part of your defense that you need to get started on as soon as possible.

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Will Handle All of the Questions in Court

One of the most important things that a criminal defense lawyer can do on your behalf is to handle all of the unpleasant questions that you may be asked to respond to in court. While you can’t avoid answering direct questions from a judge or prosecutor, your defense lawyer will help you prepare for them so that your chances of being hung up on some technicality or accidentally incriminating yourself will be slim. The last thing you want to try to do is represent yourself without the aid of a trained criminal defense lawyer, especially if you want to beat the case and go free.

The Sooner You Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer, the Better for Your Case

The sooner you make the call to a criminal defense lawyer, the sooner you can prepare your defense. You want your appearance in court to go as quickly and smoothly as possible so that you do not give the judge reason to suspect anything is amiss. A criminal defense lawyer can help you prepare every aspect of your case, as well as coach you on your conduct, so that you can meet the prosecutor and present yourself in as attractive and respectable a manner as possible. If you want to beat your case, you need to hire a lawyer today.

A Personal Pilgrimage

What does the American dream mean to you? Does it have deeper meanings for some people than for others depending on their ethnicity, race, and gender?

Janice S. Ellis, Ph.D., lived through the tumultuous times in America during the 1960s and 1970s and writes of this historic period in her book, “From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream.”

Growing up as a woman and a black, she always believed in and fought tirelessly for the women’s liberation movement and the civil rights movement as they sought and demanded equal access to all the rights and privileges that were taken for granted by other Americans in the economic, social, and political landscape of this country.

Here is an interesting and informative insight, also, into how an ordinary African-American woman was affected by the resulting Equal Rights Amendment and the Civil Rights Act and how those defining events entered into the lives of those millions of people who fought for and have continued to believe in America’s promises.

Follow Janice’s remarkable journey from a small cotton farm in Mississippi through academe, in government, in a large pharmaceutical company, as CEO and President of a marketing firm, and a non-profit bi-state child advocacy agency.

Her mission is to encourage others, especially aspiring women and minorities, how to navigate through the challenges that so often appear in one’s life and how to discover the needed inner strength, defy the sometimes overwhelming odds, pursue their goals to the loftiest degree, and how to use those challenges to end up triumphant at every major crossroads as they achieve the meaningful purposes and joys that their lives are meant to hold.

Janice Ellis holds a Ph.D. in Communication Arts, and Master of Arts degrees in Communications Arts and in Political Science, all earned at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.

You are also welcome to ontact Janice Ellis to learn more about her work as she writes about social issues affecting residents in Kansas City, Missouri, and throughout the nation. She has written a column online and for newspapers, business journals, trade publications, and radio for the past 30 years where she analyzes political, social, economic, and educational issues as they affect ethnicity, race, age, and socio-economic status.

Two of Janice’s magazines are still available online:, an online educational magazine about ethnicity and race, and the companion site,, which covers race relations events and news in the United States as well as around the world.

Divorce 101: Is Your Case a Good Fit for Divorce Mediation?

Divorce is never easy, even when the parties agree on most issues. As an alternative to protracted and possibly contentious litigation, mediation from services like DivorceAngels can offer an appealing alternative to court action. There are many advantages to going through divorce mediation, but it’s not for everybody.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a series of negotiations between two or more parties. These sessions are facilitated in a neutral environment by an independent person who’s trained to help conflicting parties come to an agreement. Professional mediators must be licensed and certified as such and can be licensed attorneys, social workers or psychologists; sometimes, they’re all of the above.

Mediators are not a substitute for legal counsel, and a mediator can’t give legal advice even if they’re a practicing lawyer. Both parties should still seek the advice of family law attorneys, accountants and other professionals before signing a mediation agreement. However, agreements reached during mediation are legally binding.

What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

First of all, mediation is faster and much less expensive than divorce litigation. The average mediation requires from 3 – 5 sessions, and your divorce will be final within 18 months at the most. A divorce can take up to three years or more if the issues are complicated or there’s a lot of contention.

Mediation takes the process out of a judge’s hands and allows you and your spouse control the process and the results. It’s also confidential, where the details of a court case are public knowledge. These factors alone can make mediation a more attractive option, and it’s much less emotionally costly, especially when there are children involved.

Because the mediation takes place in a neutral setting, it allows the divorcing couple to focus more and find workable solutions. Mediators are trained to help people reach a middle ground in situations where there are property divisions involved, child or spousal support and custody or visitation agreements are needed. Mediation can also lead to more stability for both parties and their children post-divorce.

Going through meditation also helps even out power imbalances that can lead to inequity in court settings. In mediation, you have the final say instead of a judge, There’s no chance of a high-powered attorney grandstanding and complicating issues. In divorce actions where one partner has a higher profile or more financial power, the results tend to be more equitable.

How Mediation Works

Mediation is usually offered in weekly sessions that last between 1 – 2 hours, and can require as few as three sessions to reach an agreement. Obviously, the more complicated the issues, the longer it will take to resolve them.

The first mediation session is a chance for the mediator to get to know the couple and identify issues that each hopes to resolve. Then your mediator will work with both of you to draw up an agenda for the sessions and make a list of any necessary documentation necessary for future meetings. These could include financial documents, reports from child experts, psychologists or social workers and any other professionals who have information that’s relevant to the proceedings.

Mediation will continue until an agreement is reached on the most important issues and signed by both parties. There’s no need for you to go to court at all unless other issues arise that can’t be settled during mediation. The mediator will compile and file all necessary paperwork and court documents.

What Types of Cases Benefit From Mediation?

Any divorce action can be resolved through mediation. The only requirement is that both parties agree to it and participate in good faith. Mediating a settlement is geared toward taking emotion out of the equation and providing a solid foundation for cooperation. This not only helps the adults come through the divorce with less animosity, it makes it easier for them to put their differences aside and act together in the best interests of their children. However, when there is severe abuse or threats of physical harm, you may be better off seeking court protection for yourself and your children.

In addition to professional mediators and mediation companies, many law firms also offer mediation services as well as legal counsel. You’ll also be able to obtain a free case evaluation from most family law firms and mediation companies. That means it will cost nothing but a little time to find out if your divorce will have a better outcome if you choose mediation over litigation.

Don’t Ignore These Symptoms of Mesothelioma – Get Legal Assistance from Mesothelioma Lawyer Right Away

Recognizing mesothelioma symptoms at the soonest time possible is the key to early treatment and higher chances of survival. Below are some of the early symptoms that you have to watch out for to let you know if it is time to hire an Indiana mesothelioma lawyer working for an Indiana Mesothelioma Law Firm:

Pleural Effusions

Presence of pleural effusions is the most common early symptom of mesothelioma. An effusion is basically a buildup of excess fluid surrounding the lungs found in 90% of patients. But, just like other early mesothelioma symptoms, pleural effusions might also represent other illnesses like embolisms and heart failure.

Excessive Sweating or Fever

Initially, a fever may indicate just a passing condition. But, if the fever doesn’t come with other expected symptoms of cold, it can still be checked, particularly if some other symptoms below are also present. Another warning sign is excessive sweating like night sweats.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Unintentional weight loss is worrisome. About 30% of patients with mesothelioma experience weight loss. When you or your loved one is losing weight unexplainably, it can already be attributed to numerous illnesses so make sure you visit your doctor right away to identify the cause.

Difficulty in Swallowing or Dysphagia

When it becomes difficult to swallow food or a person experiences pain every time they swallow, it is yet another cause for concern. Difficulty in swallowing is another early sign of mesothelioma that can be accompanied by reflux, hoarseness, or the sensation that the food is stuck in the back of the throat. It is not normal to experience this so it must never be ignored.


Another early warning sign of mesothelioma is fatigue. It is common to discredit or overlook symptoms like fatigue particularly when you are tired or overworked in general. However, cancer related fatigue is something that doesn’t resolve itself even after getting enough sleep. It is something that can be sporadic. Since fatigue can result from numerous medical conditions, it is a must to recognize some other symptoms for proper diagnosis.

Chronic Cough

Just like the presence of abdominal or chest pain, a chronic cough is something you have to pay attention to. When the cough is accompanied with shortness of breath or pain in lungs, see to it that you visit your physician. Around 36% of mesothelioma patients suffer from chronic cough but the remaining 76% experience shortness of breath.

Abdominal or Chest Swelling and Pain

Most of the time, mesothelioma affects the tissue surrounding the lungs. Chest pain is an early symptom of mesothelioma, particularly when the pain can be felt below the ribcage. Similar to other early signs, however, chest pain can also be attributed to other diseases and conditions.

Aside from affecting the lungs, the abdominal tissue might also be affected by mesothelioma. It is referred to as the peritoneal mesothelioma. Its early signs include abdominal swelling and pain. Just like chest pain, pain in the abdomen is also a symptom that can be attributed to numerous illnesses.

Early diagnosis of mesothelioma is crucial not only for treatment but also for immediate hiring of a reliable Indiana Mesothelioma Attorney that can help win the legal battle to get you properly compensated for your condition.