4 Types of Personal Injury Cases

When a person is injured because of the actions or lack of actions of another person, it is called a personal injury. Although this field of issues covers a broad range of damages to individuals, there are only a few categories that cover most of the claims. Here are four of the general types of personal injury cases in the United States.

1. Vehicle Accidents

Collisions between vehicles occur at a rate of approximately 16,000 per day. With that many accidents, it isn’t surprising that so many people are injured each year. If you are ever in a vehicle accident, contact your Rockville MD personal injury lawyer right away. Make sure you share all the pictures you took at the scene, as well as any other vital information that will strengthen your case.

2. Slip and Falls

Injuries from slip and fall accidents can occur on public, communal, or public property, and often happen because of the neglect or safety issues on the land. Although cartoons show characters slipping on banana peels, anything that is left on the ground can cause damage.

3. Workplace Accidents

When an injury occurs at work, it is known as a workplace accident. The category is a large one and can cover any of the other types of injury categories, including death. When the environment is unsafe, or if someone at work was negligent, seek information from your attorney about the situation. Places of employment are held to a high standard of safety.

4. Wrongful Death

As the most horrific of all the accident categories, a wrongful death involves the loss of life when someone inflicts damage on purpose or does so because of negligence. Because there is a fatality involved, criminal prosecution is often part of this type of case.

If you have any questions about a personal injury accident you or someone you love may have suffered from, contact your attorney. Most lawyers offer injury and accident victims a free consultation.


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